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Alone Yet Not Alone opens in theaters Father's Day weekend

Historical, inspirational movie
Historical, inspirational movie

Alone Yet Not Alone is due out in theaters June 13 for Father's Day Weekend. "ALONE YET NOT ALONE tells the inspiring true story of Barbara and Regina Leininger and their faith that enabled them to survive years of Indian capture, during the French & Indian war in 1755. Captured by the Delaware Indians in a raid on their home and transported over 300 miles of wilderness to Ohio, the sisters were sustained by their enduring trust in God and hope of escape against great odds to be reunited with their family.

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This movie has already won many awards and garnered many endorsements from national leaders. "This inspirational true story is sure to get to your heart and elevate your spirit. Don't miss it - go see this movie!" says Dr. James and Shirley Dobson of Focus on the Family.

Alone Yet Not Alone, is an inspirational and historical movie produced out of San Antonio, TX. Based on a true story covered in the book by the same name (, Alone Yet Not Alone is the inspiring story of Barbara and Regina Leininger's faith and survival, during the French & Indian War in 1755. Indians raid the Leininger home, capture Barbara and Regina, and take them over 300 miles of wilderness to Ohio. In the midst of tragedy, immense difficulties, and many years, the sisters keep their trust in God and their hope of escape to be reunited with their family.

The cinematography in this action thriller is beautiful. The music is captivating. The themes of this movie include the following: deep faith, loyalty, perseverance, endurance, forbearance, and forgiveness.

"Enthuse Entertainment is pleased to present Alone Yet Not Alone as our flagship movie," says Director Ray Bengston. "Based on a true story, this film is a journey of faith and survival during one of the most trying times in the infancy of American history. The unmistakable message that 'God will never leave nor forsake you' will captivate audiences and resonate feelings of hope for the characters in a seemingly hopeless situation." ( )

The Dove Foundation has awarded this film with their highest rating. Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family and Senator Rick Santorum of CEO EchoLights Studios (Dallas, TX), are some of the notable personalities who have endorsed this movie.

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