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Alone Time

Alone Time
Alone Time
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We have all experienced it. The need, desire, wanting to be alone, alone with our own, and only our own, thoughts, dreams, words and memories. We may choose "alone time" when we need to concentrate and focus, avoiding distractions, or perhaps when we wish to let music, art or a book into our inner selves. (Where are you reading this article? Are you alone? By choice?)

Sometimes we need "alone time" to do nothing but enjoy the sounds of silence (thank you Simon & Garfunkel). At times, we nee that "alone time" to replenish and revitalize ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This need for "alone time" is a natural want, a way of our bodies telling us it needs something. It needs this protection in a sense.

While it is vital that we listen to our bodies, we must be good listeners and really hear what is being said, and not put words into our minds that are not from a true source. Too much isolation is not healthy in any manner, physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally. This is especially true when our real intent is to run-away, not deal with realities, by hiding or withdrawing. We should not let isolation take us away from our lives. It should be experienced only to enhance it.

Yes, "alone time" is important, but we are social creatures by nature, needing human contact at some level. It is the extremely rare individual that can live in today's world without interacting with others, living in a vacuum.

Use "alone time" wisely, for positive reasons, to empower yourself and restore yourself, allowing yourself to return restored and ready to face life with a new vigor.

Now, Leave Me Alone! But not until you hit the subscribe button above! I'll use the "alone time" to ponder my next article topic. How are you going to use your "alone time"?