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Alone receives company during Gozefest at Phil’s Radiator

Alone receives company during Gozerfest at Phil's Radiator.
Alone receives company during Gozerfest at Phil's Radiator.
Sareth Ney/

PUEBLO, Colo.—Alone were surrounded by new friends and fans at Phil’s Radiator, on May 25. They were the opening act, along with: The Chelios Condition, Floaty Raft, Despicable Dialects, Render Them Useless, Stolen Format, The Widowhood Effect and Still Valley. Bridges was the direct support and Gozer was the headliner.

Alone receives company during Gozefest at Phil’s Radiator.
Sareth Ney/

Sean Astrow is the vocalist and drummer, Nick Pryor is the guitarist and Greg Mullinex is the bassist of Alone.

Astrow greeted the audience, before Alone began their recital with their first “Untitled”.
He introduced the band’s name and said, “We’re Alone.”
As he noticed there was something funny as the way he had said it, he said it again and the crowd laughed with them. Shortly after—Mullinex began to strum his bass and bowed his head as he did so. He was soon accompanied by Pryor and Astrow. Every so often, Astrow would provide the lyrics.

Without letting the venue to become silence, Pryor and Mullinex let their instruments ring through the monitors. As the sound continued to ring, Astrow spoke into the microphone. He thanked the audience for their applause and went onto dedicate the song to anyone with an anus. As the crowd had done prior to the first “Untitled” track, they laughed along with him. As he struck his drum set, his hat flew off and rested near his cymbals.

Prior to the start of the third “Untitled”, Astrow asked the onlookers as to how their day had been going so far. After the crowd responded with cheers, he began to strike his cymbals. Pryor and Mullinex soon joined in, he incorporated the rest of his drum set. After a brief instrumental introduction, he began to shout out his lyrics into his microphone. As the song came to an end, Pryor’s guitar riffs were the dominant sound. They continued their performance with their fourth “Untitled” track.

Before Alone covered Iron Butterfly’s “In A Gadda Da Vida”, he encouraged everyone who knew the words to sing along with him. As Pryor and Mullinex strummed the familiar tune, the audience picked up on what song they were performing and sang along with Astrow. During the second verse, the audience continued to sing along and head bang. They were too caught up in the music they had not noticed they switched up the instrumental to a metal version of New Kids On The Block’s song, “The Right Stuff”.