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Aloha to change

A long ago memory
A long ago memory
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Time moves on. And with it change occurs. It's inevitable.

Our very existence is a testimony to a marching of time and its effects upon our physical beings. Though change is more subtle in our mental makeup over time.

Remember as young men and women how some of our peers, and even ourselves would staunchly utter that we would always remain the same person no matter what happened in the future? It made for good yearbook notes jotted down in juvenile attempts at some foresight.

The International Market Place was a decade old in the mid sixties. A gathering place for pedestrian traffic of tourists, locals who worked in Waikiki and locals who still claimed the beaches and surf spots along the shoreline.

The Market Place awoke at night with the bustle of Cock's Roost restaurant overlooking the entrance way and another street level steak house emitting the aroma of grilled beef that mingled with the chatter of the crowd. And, of course, the music drifting from any open air lounge, or someone just strumming an uke in front of a vendor stand.

The energy at night was enticing at the Market Place to young local boys enjoying the sights and backward glances of beautiful haole girls vacationing in Waikiki for the first time. It was a time when Don Ho ruled the night from Duke's at the rear of the Market Place. The lines of tourists were always too long during the warm summer nights.

And, for drinking age locals, there was the Power House restaurant at the Kuhio Avenue entrance to the Market Place. Here is where the aroma of pakalolo, sunscreen lotion and exotic perfumes mingled behind huge wooden doors that contained the decibel level of the music blaring for its inhabitants. The in crowd's roost.

But, that was back then. Nearly fifty years ago. Distant memories of a landmark in Waikiki's history.

The International Market Place has been closed recently. Not for renovation, but for change.

Retail center, maybe some condos. The name will be displayed somewhere to remind people that it once was the location of 'The International Market Place.'

A long ago memory. A monument in time, subject to change.


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