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Aloha From The Edge (BOCA GRANDE)

Boca Grande
Boca Grande
Not known

Boca Grande Florida is a place that most Floridians have never visited. It is at the end of the road, just like Key West, but far less known. But it has the same feeling of Key West. Boca Grande is at the southern end of State Road 771.

You need to find your way to Placida, Florida by taking State Road 776 from Port Charlotte or State Road 775 from Englewood. The roads intersect at Placida. A toll bridge takes you from Placida to Gasparilla Island and Boca Grande on SR-771.

Boca Grande is on Gasparilla Island. Gasparilla was the nickname of Jose Gaspar, the “last of the buccaneers”, a famous pirate.

Jose may have been fictitious. Nobody knows for sure. Google him and have some fun. There are many versions of who he was and what he did. Real or not, he is the inspiration for Tampa's annual Gasparilla Festival.

The first residents in the area were Calusa Indians, who lived on nearby Useppa Island as long ago as 5,000 B.C. and on Gasparilla Island by 800 or 900 A.D. Charlotte Harbor was the center of the Calusa Empire, a hunting and fishing tribe which numbered thousands of people and hundreds of fishing villages.

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