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Aloha 2012

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
courtesy of Sandwich Islands Network

Now's the time we can say Aloha to the past year, and Aloha to the year ahead. So, let's say good-bye to this past year and take a look at what we have to be thankful for in our experience that the last twelve months brought us.

We had two engaging films make their debut on the big screens early in the year with, 'The Descendants', a full length commercial film starring George Clooney that briefly touched on the social structure that's evolved in Hawaii from American entrepneurs who settled, farmed, and industrialized the sugar and pineapple industries and have handed down their wealth and influence through family generations in the islands. The other film, a documentary by Catherine Bauknight, 'Hawaii, a Voice for Sovereignty' was released to the big screen at the Laemmle Theaters in Pasadena and made its case for really examining the sovereignty movement and its possible solutions to what the New York Times called, 'the crime of the century' when US Marines were called upon in 1893 to place Queen Lilioukalani under house arrest, and in effect, overthrew the Hawaiian government.

We had the Aloha Hula Studio of Granada Hills perform their Ho'ike at the John Anson Ford Theater to a sold out audience. In just a few short years, that dance studio has grown into a major force for perpetuating the art of Polynesian dance.

There were great performances by iconic entertainers from the islands. Owana Salazar and Nathan Aweau graced the stage at the Ruth B. Shannon Center for the Performing Arts in Whittier with their inimitable styles of slack-key, falsetto and even some jazz riffs. And our favorite son of Hawaii, Henry Kapono came through on his, 'Home in the Islands' tour up and down the California coast. Kapono still rocks after all these years and his song writing is even more endearing to his audience.

We had the birth of a 'new keiki on the block' in the form of the Sandwich Islands Network and its internet based radio show format on the internet: It was a shot of nostalgia, a shot of adrenaline when listening to its programs, 'Radio Free Papaya', 'Plate Lunch Special' and 'North Shore Drive' during the week. Just like being back home with all that laughter and Pidgin English being thrown around.

And, sadly, we had some Aloha to send along with the passing of braddah John Koko, of the mainstay island group, 'The Makaha Sons'. A reminder that our stay here is just temporary.

So, we say Aloha and Mahalo to the past year, 2012 as we look forward with Aloha to 2013 and all of its promises.

After all, the world did not end.


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