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Alnzo Bodden live in Cincinnati

Comedian Alonzo Bodden
Comedian Alonzo Bodden
Alonzo Bodden

Since winning season 3 of Last Comic Standing, Alonzo Bodden has been busy with TV appearances, live performances and cars. Lot’s of cars. “I have a show on Speed Channel called 101 Cars You Must Drive. I drive five different cars, and make fun of them.” Always an aficionado of cars and motorcycles, Bodden hasn’t yet started a huge collection a la Jay Leno or Jerry Seinfeld. “I wish. I’m not that funny yet,” he laughs. “In my personal collection I have Mini-Cooper and Hummer. Kind of both ends of the spectrum.”

Meanwhile, he’s having fun driving the iconic cars that have defined the world auto industry. He’s learned quite a bit too. “I’ll tell you what’s hard to drive, is a Model T,” he says “I admire those guys I see driving Model Ts in parades. Now I know they’re working pretty hard.”

On stage, Bodden has been talking a little bit more about current events than he has in the past. “There was a lot great stuff between Hillary and Barak. America was asking ‘who do we hate more? Women or black people?’ Women won.”

Gas prices, of course, haven’t gone unnoticed. “It’s not Exxon’s fault. They had nothing to do with it, yet they did happen make twelve billion dollars last quarter. They just got lucky.” Bodden himself has been struggling with the gas crisis. “I’m buying gas with an adjustable rate mortgage.” Living in California, he not only knows about high gas prices, but about colorful leaders as well. “Arnold Schwarzenegger is the green governor, right? He’s trying to do this thing with the air quality. Arnold, don’t you fly a private jet back and forth from L.A. to Sacramento every week? Don’t tell me you’re green because you buy one Prius to go with your eight Hummers.”

Alonzo Bodden performs at The Funny Bone on the Levee Thursday March 4 through Sunday March 7