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'Almost Human' works on anger issues

Dorian: "It’s okay, John. I like you too."
Liane Hentscher/FOX

Dorian: “Hey Mr. Friendly, how was angry class 101?”

John: “Call me that again, and I swear I’ll stick my boot right in your face.”

Dorian: “Clearly it went well.”

“You Are Here" is tonight’s episode of “Almost Human.” Beware this article contains spoilers for tonight’s episode. To review the last case file, click here. "Almost Human" returns in three weeks on Fox.

Bullets that can find their target anywhere, and they don’t even have to be aimed at the person. Talk about scary. Surprisingly, this new technology started out as a way for ads to follow a person. Another reason to hate personalized ads, I suppose. This is a cool premise, and it is another way to show how far technology has come. The writers spend some time with the bad guys of the episode, but not enough for it to really mean anything. They should have either spent more time with the bad guys or cut back on their appearance. There aren’t any answers expressly given about who this Natalie is, but it can be assumed that it is the blonde girl. If the writers cut back on the Natalie and company appearances, then they could have thrown in some more scenes with Stahl perhaps tracking down more information on this criminal organization. What did you think of the case?

John keeps insisting that Kira doesn’t scrub away her memories of Anton. As soon as he starts insisting, it is clear that this comes from a personal place. Most likely, John is opposed to this because even though his ex-girlfriend ended up being a very, very bad person, John would still cherishes his memories of her. Unfortunately, the writers insist that the viewers come to this conclusion themselves. There isn’t any scene where John talks about this or even looks at a token of his relationship with his ex. It is still a nice character moment, but it would be great if the writers built on it more. What are your thoughts? Did you think the same thing I did or that John just didn’t think scrubbing was the way to go for Kira?

Here are quick thoughts on elsewhere in the episode. John is in anger classes. There are some funny moments of John in class, but it would be great to see him making some sort of growth either in class or with Dorian or another coworker. The best moment of the episode is at the end with Stahl and John. They are absolutely adorable. Do you agree?

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