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'Almost Human' season finale recap: The Straw Man case gives Kennex closure

Dorian (Michael Ealy, L) and Det. John Kennex (Karl Urban, L) in the season finale of ALMOST HUMAN.
Dorian (Michael Ealy, L) and Det. John Kennex (Karl Urban, L) in the season finale of ALMOST HUMAN.
Katie Yu /FOX

The Monday, March 3 "Almost Human" season 1 finale takes care of business in a big way, with some much-needed resolution for Kennex and a review of Dorian's work so far on the force.

A case is finally really solved With this "Almost Human" episode, the police discover that a case they thought had been solved years ago hadn't been – and Kennex's father had been the one to arrest the supposed Straw Man, Costa, who replaced his victims' internal organs with straw.

However, Costa claims he had blackouts before he was arrested and put on medication for his schizophrenia, but even so, he knows he didn't kill those 21 people. Kennex's father believed him and told him he was working on something involving robotics and crooked cops, but he was killed in the line of duty two weeks later. Because his father had used an alias Kennex recognizes when he visits Costa, the stitches in the new victims are an exact match to those in the previous ones and his father's case notes propose the theory that the Straw Man abducted Costa and planted evidence on him to make the police think the case was solved, Kennex is inclined to believe that the real killer is still out there.

His father had also circled the victims' feet in the photos on file, and the latest body is too clean for someone who lived on the streets, even just for three weeks. Dorian notices the victim is flat-footed, and Rudy figures out what they're dealing with and shows them with an organic printer and a cupcake. The bodies found are clones; drones look for the missing, but no one looks for the dead. But why is the Straw Man keeping his victims?

Pinpricks on the victims' fingers lead the police to the killer's hunting grounds – shelters – and they set up an op to find him. It works, and when they find his lab, they find tech on the victims – and two girls are still alive. Their killer tries to dupe them with a clone of himself, but when he attacks Kennex, Kennex comes out on top and they discover biotech in his body; he had been made into a cyborg.

Glen Dunbar had a record for trading illegal tech on the black market, and the printer and various parts in his lab are all from police evidence. He had been using the biotech to rebuild his body, and when the biotech began to break down, he needed new test subjects. The case also leads back to Kennex's father, who had been under investigation for stealing seized robotic tech and selling it on the black market. However, Kennex never believed it, and he tells Dorian about how his father refused to get his hands dirty and take money from a bust, even when his task force leader threatened his life. Kennex's father had connected the flat feet to the printer, signing his own death certificate. Grant had been in charge of the printer, and he was killed in the line of duty three weeks after Kennex's father. He had tried to pin it on him, and while Kennex would never know if he was responsible for his father's death, with this case, he finishes his father's work and clears his name.

Partnership solidified It's time for the yearly review of the android officers, and that means checking in to see how Dorian's doing since he was recommissioned. Maldonado just says is she thought Dorian and Kennex needed each other. Rudy is too nervous and ends up saying he trusts him enough to take care of his baby. Kennex sings his praises, with the added "he flipped a van once, that was cool."

Dorian just wants to keep his job – "The fact that I get to suit up every day, do this job and help people, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me," he told the board – so when they call him back in, he takes Rudy's advice and goes in all MX-like. However, that's unnecessary because they're renewing his term after his glowing reviews. In particular, he's made a positive impression on Kennex, who gives him credit for still wanting to be on the force.

After hearing that, Dorian presents Kennex with a gift: a new leg, one that won't be on the market for months. Kennex denies saying what the board says he had, but his partner's touched. "That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me," Dorian says as he gets emotional. "I was made to feel, John." After that, a call comes in, and as they respond, it almost feels like that this could be the series finale, doesn't it? Sure, there are still unanswered questions that need to be addressed, but given the rest of the season, this ending is fitting and it wouldn't exactly be that disappointing for the show to end like this.

What did you think of the "Almost Human" season finale?

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