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'Almost Human' meets the creator

Rudy: “I can get it up. I don’t have any problem in that department whatsoever.”

John: "He designed it to be more soldier than cop."
Katie Yu/FOX
Rudy: "That burning was nothing. My test results can back negative."
Katie Yu/FOX

“Unbound" is tonight’s episode of “Almost Human.” Beware this article contains spoilers for tonight’s episode. To review the last case file, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight’s episode. "Almost Human" airs Monday nights at 7 on FOX.

An XRN has broken out of the police evidence locker. Dr. Nigel Vaughn, the creator of the DRNs and the XRN is called in to help. Right away there is something off about Dr. Vaughn. It was only a matter of time before Dr. Vaughn made his move, and it is surprising that it took so long. This episode does not really solve anything. All that it does is show that Dr. Vaughn is going to build himself an army. Who knows if it will be an army of XRNs or an army of another type of android? For a moment it looks like this case might connect to Insyndicate, which would have been great, but it doesn’t. What this episode does is set up a potential big bad that will pop up later in the season. What do you think Dr. Vaughn is up to?

The other side of the wall. What in the world does that mean? All thoroughout the episode there are mentions of the other side of the wall. Theories? Well it sounds like the town erected a wall around itself as a means of protection. The way everyone talks about the other side, it can’t be a safe place to be. But do people actually live there? The writers hint a lot in this episode, but we need more facts. Right now everything about the wall is confusing. The writers need to give viewers a history lesson or more on what is on the other side of the wall. What are your theories?

The writers have been doing a good job with Dorian and showing that he has fears and desires. In this episode, Dorian fears that he will end up like Danica. Dr. Vaughn says that Dorian and Danica have the same synthetic soul, and so Dorian fears that he could malfunction like Danica did. This is a very human fear. Dorian is being shown to be human in unusual ways, but when you think about it, everything that he fears is something people fear. Do you think that Dorian could ever become like Danica?

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