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'Almost Human' is running low on battery

John: "Hey, who is a happy toaster?"
John: "Hey, who is a happy toaster?"
Katie Yu/FOX

John: “The good news is the donut machine does have a full charge, but we are out of chocolate sprinkles.”

“Simon Says" is tonight’s episode of “Almost Human.” Beware this article contains spoilers for tonight’s episode. To review the last case file, click here. "Almost Human" airs Monday nights at 7 on Fox.

Note to self: don’t let a random guy in the alley wash your windshield because he will knock you out, and you will wake up with a bomb collar around your neck. This is definitely a thrilling case. The writers do a good job of showing the police side of things, but also taking the time to show Simon watching and everyone’s comments on the livestream. While it is helpful at times to follow Detective Stahl and Captain Maldonado around in the precinct, at times it is a little boring. Nothing is really revealed, all that happens is they are watching the livestream. When John is collared, it is helpful to be in the precinct because Maldonado provides insight to Richard and Dorian. Did you enjoy the case?

It’s not hard to get swept away in the suspense of this episode. John and Dorian jump into this while the first victim is still alive and collared. The writers set up the case in an intriguing way. They could have had the police not come into play until after the first victim dies, but it would not have been as suspenseful or intriguing. One surprising aspect of the case is that John and Simon have something in common. The conversation between the two of them when John is collared is absolutely fantastic. It allows the viewers to see a different side of John. It is a good character moment for him, as well is the chat between him and Maldonado. What did you think of John during this episode?

Every synthetic needs to be charged before going out on duty for the day. Unfortunately in this episode, there is a bit of a power shortage happening, and so Dorian does not get to be fully charged. This causes some absolutely hilarious moments because a less than fully charged Dorian equals mood swings. He punches Richard! This is a great side storyline to have during an intense episode like this one. Dorian provides more comic relief than usual, and it is hilarious watching everyone react to him. I don’t know about you, but I want to see more scenes between Richard and Dorian. They are quite a pair. Did you enjoy Dorian’s mood swings and outbursts? Are you excited to see Dorian and Rudy living together?

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