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'Almost Human' discovers new memories

John: “If I had woken up in the morning and someone had given me a clean shave, I’d be happy.”

John: "Not that I mind, but what’s with the quiet mode?"
Katie Yu/FOX
Dorian: "Let’s ask the house."
Katie Yu/FOX

Dorian: “So if I shaved you while you were unconscious, you’d be happy?”

“Disrupt" is tonight’s episode of “Almost Human.” Beware this article contains spoilers for tonight’s episode. To review the last case file, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. "Almost Human" airs Monday nights at 7 on FOX.

Someone is hacking the security bots and causing fatal malfunctions. This case does a number of things. It continues to show how much androids have been integrated into normal, everyday life. While this is great to see, it would be nice to see what other ways life is different in this future. We have seen numerous versions of androids that are available. What would be nice to see more of is the city itself, specifically the wall and its history and purpose. The writers are focused on the androids a little too much. We already see them in the police precinct with the MXs and Dorian. There could still be episodes featuring other androids, but it would be better to have more episodes with different features of this new future. Do you agree or do you enjoy the various android episodes?

A new conspiracy has been introduced! Someone planted organic, human memories in Dorian long before he was reactivated. The question is, why would someone do this? It seems unclear as to what the purpose is in giving Dorian memories. They don’t seem to be causing Dorian to become unstable. Dorian knows that while they may feel like his memories, that they are not his memories. A possible option is that the creator, Dr. Vaughn, did this, and this will come back into play when Dr. Vaughn resurfaces. What are your theories?

Here are quick thoughts on elsewhere in the episode. This case takes John, Valerie, and Dorian into the world of hackers. Not going to lie, the best part is seeing John undercover with the guyliner and Karl Urban using his actual accent. There is a focus on one hacker, Nico. Valerie has her tech savvy moments, but it has never been clear if computers are her specialty. Sadly, there aren’t many overarching storylines or mysteries. This is a little forgivable, but there are numerous character issues. There is a lack of development of side characters. Valerie’s role is still unclear, and the chrome thing is never brought up again. Remember those moments of Valerie and John flirting? Where did those go? Richard Paul could be an interesting character, but he is rarely there. What do you think of the show so far?

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