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#Almost Famous

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#Almost Famous


What is fame? According to Webster’s dictionary fame is considered to be the condition of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements. Throughout the years fame has become attainable in a way. I was allured by famous personas such as Jack Nicholas, Sharon Stone, or Johnny Depp. They were mystic and exotic individuals. They were unreachable, they were well known by many but close with a few and that’s what I considered fame to be. They worked hard to keep their name on the spotlight and kept their image the way it is now. Having the prestige of being well known has a cost: privacy. In today’s world fame has become a dream to sell to younger generations from the media market. Thanks to Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashain; Fame has become attainable. The game has change thanks to social media as well. Everyone has the right to have their fifteen minutes of fame because of twitter, facebook, and the most famous of all instagram. Everyone is famous in their own way such as if you have social media you are already close to fame. The possibilities are endless do to it.

Justin Bieber is another game changer, getting a record deal after uploading a video on youtube it was never done before and now the Pandora box has been opened. While watching his antics because of his fame, it makes me wonder if fame has the same class as it was more than twenty years ago. Where are the James Deans? Maybe the modern world has killed the title of famous. Our obsession of celebrities has drove Hollywood in a spiraling circle with madness that have no limits. Now, one can be famous and that’s the best part of it. Fame has change in many ways but the concept is still the same. One can automatically be famous but to keep fame is what separates the chosen to the fillers.

With that thought in mind, the film Almost Famous portrays the struggles of trying to make it big or famous in the 1970s. Written and Directed by Cameron Crowe, Almost Famous has the vintage touch and the taste for fame is persuaded in the film. It was in the 1970s and rock & roll was still not dead, it was merely in a coma. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and The Who ruled the music scene. An inspiring young music journalist named William Miller (Patrick Fugit) still in grasps knowing he will never be as cool as his peers saw hope in music and it let him to believe that he can achieve the level of “cool” he always wanted. His older sibling Anita Miller (Zooey Deschanel) gave him confirmation when she left and said, “One day you will be cool” as she was getting ready to move out and venture the world. He gets the opportunity to meet Lester Bangs (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) a well-known music journalist. Bangs gives him good advice when it comes to the music scene, “They are not your friends”, which is an advice being echoed throughout the movie but William wanted to believe otherwise. On his first assignment he befriends a young free-spirited lady named “Penny-Lane” (Kate Hudson) she had curly blonde hair and a model figure, her persona was like a magical spell that intrigues any man but the one and only man she wanted was oblivious to her worth. Which was Russell Hammond (Billy Crudup) the guitarist for an up and coming band called Stillwater. Stillwater consists of Jeff Bebe (Jason Lee) , Ed Vallencourt(John Fedevich), and (Larry Fellows) Mark Kozelek. The band represents all the struggles that every band has gone through in order to make it “big”. Hence, to mock on their struggles their tour is called Almost Famous. It was in this tour that William Miller came in as a sweet, shy, inexperience boy and came out as a strong, independent, and wise man.