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Alloy's shipping takes longer than usual 'standard'

These Aztec print wedges are a steal at only $46.90. Color shown is "Multi" available at

You know when you've had the busiest week and then you come home to find that the beautiful new shoes you ordered have arrived?!

No? Yeah, me either.

A friend of mine recently lost quite a bit of weight and brought the teen-centric mag Alloy to work. I flipped through the pages and landed on these Pallai Booties. It was love at first sight. These would have been $250 at Anthropologie, but for less than $50 in this magazine I ordered them the moment I got home. The problem is they still haven't arrived. And it's been more than 3 weeks.

With my husband and I planning our move to New York in less than 5 weeks I've had a lot on my plate. After a really busy few weeks I've been eager to receive my shoes to help lift my spirits. In my mind, the whole shoe arrival experience would be serendipitous: I'd step off the elevator, my shoulders sunken under the weight of my to-do list when suddenly, I look up and spot a big-enough-to-fit-my-new-shoes sized box resting against the my apartment door. I'd leap forward with excitement, sprint elegantly (like a gazelle, of course) down the hall, clutch the box to my chest and twirl in front of my neighbors' entrance ways for dramatic effect.

None of that has happened yet.

I'd selected the standard shipping option and after about 10 days I started to wonder what was taking so long. I double and triple checked my e-mail to ensure that I did in fact order the shoes, I did in fact pay for them, and I did in fact receive a confirmation e-mail confirming all of the above. To my chagrin, the confirmation e-mail from Alloy said my shoes would arrive “no later than June 18.”

Confirmation e-mail say WHA?!?

In what world does it take 2 months to receive shoes that are shipped domestically? In 2012? In America? Then, to add insult to injury, I got an e-mail from Alloy 14 days after I ordered my shoes that said, “We hope you love your order!” Yeah, I mean I love the order online, but I'd like to love the order on my feet!

Wedges are such a great option for this time of year because they're so diverse. You can wear them to a picnic in the park, a graduation ceremony, a school or family reunion or even a wedding. And wedges are way easier (for me) to walk confidently in compared to heels. I'm still eagerly awaiting the arrival of these beautiful Aztec print kicks, but maybe in a world where all our wants and desires are constantly at our fingertips waiting for what you love is a lesson in itself.


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