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Alligator invasion: Couple sues ExxonMobil, claims alligators are invading space

An alligator
An alligator
Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

An alligator invasion in southwest Mississippi has caused Tom and Consandra Christmas to file a lawsuit against ExxonMobil, blaming the company for "introducing" the alligators to their neighborhood. On Feb. 5, The Epoch Times reported that the Christmas' no longer want to build a new home on the property because it is swarming with gators.

"They allege the company brought the reptiles in from Louisiana as 'canaries' that would warn of hazardous contamination on the neighboring property, which ExxonMobil bought in 2001 after it was operated for years as a disposal site for refinery waste," reports The Epoch Times.

The alligator invasion has caused a lot of problems for Mr. and Mrs. Christmas. They feel as though they can't enjoy their property because the alligators keep invading their space -- and these are wild, dangerous animals! The couple reportedly moved into the property in 2007 and ExxonMobil says that they learned about the alligators from the get-go. However, the problem isn't necessarily about the alligators being alive and in the area -- their attorney argues that it's about the alligators coming on to their property.

"The [Christmas'] argue the alligator infestation of the ExxonMobil property is a non-abatable (sic) nuisance that has caused a permanent injury to their property. They are seeking unspecified monetary damages for permanent depreciation of their land," according to The Epoch Times.

The alligator invasion is pretty serious at this point. For reference, in 2007, the wildlife department counted 84 alligators on ExxonMobil's property. Yikes.

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