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Allies may return in the foreseeable future

Only Just for Men can stave off his chase.
Only Just for Men can stave off his chase.

Even before the resurgence of the Eldrazi, Zendikar was a dangerous place. Hence R&D introduced the first creature type with mechanical relevance in years: Allies, which functioned like a secondary class type, all of which cared about other Allies entering the battlefield. This "like-Slivers-but-not" model proved very popular, and there were many and diverse enough Ally cards to add variety to Limited, so they became a defining part of Zendikar block for many people.

One such player asked Mark Rosewater about Allies on his Tumblr blog and received a favorable response; when 26toomany asked "I really enjoyed Zendikar block -- the large-expansion sandwich, the full-art lands, and, most importantly, the Ally creature subtype. Will we see any more Allies soon?" Mark replied:

I strongly doubt we’ve seen the last of Allies.

Ally decks also did rather well in Constructed; another block with Allies, possibly the vaunted "Return to Zendikar," would probably boost decks of that type in Modern a great deal.