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Allie Pohl's Ideal Woman Necklace makes a statement

Artist Allie Pohl models her "torso"
Artist Allie Pohl models her "torso"

It's not often you come across a piece of jewelry that can both start a conversation and keep you wanting more. Allie Pohl's Ideal Woman: Necklace does just that. Created using a cookie-cutter pattern, the necklace reflects Pohl's belief that women are becoming obsessed with the image of the perfect woman and in turn all look exactly the same. "The Ideal Woman Necklace demonstrates how every woman wants to embrace a look that may not only be impossible, but will destroy unique qualities that make individual women so beautiful."

Recently featured on Cool Hunting and soon to be in Marie Claire - Greece, The Ideal Woman: Necklace is on the brink of greatness. Buy yours today!



  • Lorraine Yapps Cohen, Denver Jewelry Examiner 5 years ago

    Ohhhh! Nice! How creative, simple design, and WOW what a statement! Us gals come in all shapes and sizes. It's nice to make a public statement in our jewelry accessories about our notion of the real ideal woman!