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Alliance's League of Legends Team recovers from rough start

The players
The players

Alliance is a team that is synonymous with Dota after they won the third annual International event to the tune of $1.4 million. It was the largest prize pool in e-sports history and drew a lot of global attention.

They have since branched out to League of Legends which is Dota's rival or parallel game. The team is a collection of stars within Europe and had extremely high expectations going into LCS. They fell far short of those expectations as they lost all 4 of their matches in the first week.

It is likely the issues come from a lack of synergy as the team is extremely fresh and the players have not had much time to play with each other. It all comes down to the team's captain and all star mid, Froggen to pull the team together. He dictates their play style in and out of game and it seems he was able to make necessary changes in between weeks as Alliance has rebounded quickly with back to back wins to start.

Game one was against Millenium who came out trying to increase the tempo and put Alliance in positions they weren't comfortable in. It started with an early gank from the jungle but it didn't go quite as planned. Alliance's Nyph, playing Leona, was able to take the majority of the damage and get off a key ignite which got them first blood while being outnumbered in lane, without giving up a death themselves. The failed gank allowed Alliance's jungler Shook to steal Millenium's blue buff with a little help from Wickd who timed it so his wave would push top tower, forcing Millenium to defend the tower and be unable to guard their blue buff.

Millenium made it a point to put pressure mid and keep Froggen from getting too large on Orianna. Pantheon used his ultimate mid 3 times within 17 minutes and was able to keep froggen from dominating the game but they were unable to keep him from finding farm and levels. Alliance may not have gotten as many kills as they may have wanted but were always able to capitalize with 2 early Drakes and a Baron kill. The real hero of this game was Wickd on Renekton. He was able to do well for himself in the top lane and was dominant in team fights. Every time Pantheon tried to lead a hard engage with his ultimate, Wickd was able to assert himself between Pantheon and the rest of his team keeping them from being to engage on the targets they needed. Two times within the game Wick'd was able to stun Annie before she could get in range to land her ultimate on proper targets, which completely changed the dynamics of both fights.

Game two was another strong game for Wickd who played Trundle against Copenhagen Wolves. He was able to disrupt the enemy team and bully their team out of positions within fights, giving Alliance the positioning they needed. Froggen took control early with LeBlanc after getting early kills, Nyph was able to engage well with Leona's ultimate in multiple team fights, Shook died in most fights but was able to make advantages for his team, and Tabzz was able to take advantage of Jinx's passive maximizing her mobility and with it, her damage output. This was the first game that Alliance seemed to be running on all cylinders were able to show their true potential.

Alliance still have a lot to prove but they are showing they are still a team to care about and potentially fear, despite the rocky start.

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