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Alliance for a Better Minnesota's fiction

When it comes to political fiction, the Alliance for a Better Minnesota's ads are the best Minnesotans will find. Here's the transcript from their latest ad promoting Gov. Dayton:

Look across the land. On farms and in factories, in classrooms and on construction sites, Minnesota is working. For years ago, Minnesota faced a $5,000,000,000 deficit. But Gov. Mark Dayton showed strong leadership. He raised taxes on the wealthiest 2 percent so we could invest in our schools and reduce middle class taxes. Now Minnesota has 150,000 new jobs and a budget surplus.

In thirty short seconds, the Alliance for a Better Minnesota (ABM) compiled an impressive amount of misinformation. Stating that Minnesota is working is misleading at best, dishonest at worst.'s research on ABM's past ads leads people to believe that they're dishonest more than just misleading.

First, the Dayton-DFL economy has created 2,900 jobs in the first 7 months of 2014. Second, 21,523 government jobs were created since August, 2013. A high percentage of those jobs helped staff MNsure, Minnesota's health insurance exchange.

Since the Dayton-DFL budget went into effect, job creation has been erratic. For instance, Minnesota's economy created 27,700 jobs in Oct-Dec, 2013, an average of 9,200 jobs a month. Compare that with the 300 jobs Minnesota's economy created in Jan-Mar, 2014. Since the end of March, 2014, Minnesota's economy created 2,600 jobs, an average of 650 jobs per month.

Minnesota needs to be creating thousands of jobs each month, not dozens per month.

Another misleading tidbit of information in ABM's ad is that Minnesota faced a $5,000,000,000 deficit when Gov. Dayton took office. That's true but it's missing lots of important information, starting with the fact that the budget that Gov. Dayton signed was the budget the Republican legislature put together.

That's important because Gov. Dayton shut down the government because he insisted on raising taxes. Republicans offered to pass a 'lights-on' bill that would've kept the government open. Gov. Dayton refused to sign the Republican's bill, which caused the shutdown. When the DFL took over the legislature, the projected deficit was $624,000,000.

Eventually, Gov. Dayton caved, signing the Republicans' budget that he vetoed in May.

Minnesota created more than 90,000 jobs thanks to the Republicans' reform budget. In fact, half of the jobs created after the DFL took over the legislature were created before the Dayton-DFL budget went into effect.

That means almost three-fourth's of the jobs created during the Dayton were created before the Dayton-DFL budget went into effect. Further, the biggest slowdown in job creation happened after Gov. Dayton signed the budget he negotiated with the DFL legislature.

That budget included income tax increases on small businesses and sales tax increases on the middle class and the working poor.

In short, there isn't any information in ABM's ad that isn't misleading.

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