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AlleyWire — 100 Startups in 100 Days


What if there was a media company with the SOLE PURPOSE of giving that break? Helping introduce innovative companies and founders through video storytelling to the largest single market in the world: New York. They want you to start on your start up dream.

When asked how they are different, this is what I was told:

AlleyWire Is:

1) A video-centered media company focused on telling the stories of the most innovative people, companies and events that affect New York and New Yorkers

2) A team of more than 40 professional correspondents, producers, editors and videographers with deep media and journalism backgrounds supporting the creative economy and startups/innovators of NYC and beyond

3) Our mission is to "inform and inspire," and to tell stories for an audience outside the startup and investor community—we tell stories for the end-user, and everyone out there that can "Live Innovatively" from the coverage we provide—to find the next big idea and keep you up to date on the latest in NYC innovation

4) Made in NY! and darn proud of it (currently being incubated in the IFP Made in NY Media Center)

5) Focused on producing high-quality, editorially-driven, original content that companies can be proud to share — looking to expand into more cities shortly (Boston, DC, London, SF, Austin, Rio, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Delhi, etc.)

Why Do This?

Because making it in New York is damn difficult. But if you can make it here...well, you know the rest.

There are so many amazing products, services and people out there trying to get a bite of the Big Apple, and without the right support and wide-cast introductions to users, many are doomed to fail.

That's not good for them, and it's not good for New Yorkers or a U.S. economy that is going to be relying on this wave of innovators.

Our job is to take the amazing company in California, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Jersey, Florida, India, China, Brazil, Europe...wherever, and bring their great idea to this great city.

Perks include drinks with the correspondents, on air segments, tickets to the gala and naming rights.

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