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Alley Cat Allies offers $5,000 reward in Indiana animal cruelty investigation

Martinsville cat cruelty investigation prompts $5K reward
Martinsville cat cruelty investigation prompts $5K reward
Facebook: Morgan County Humane Society

The recent torture and death of close to 30 cats in the Martinsville, Indiana area has led Alley Cat Allies to offer a $5,000 cash reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who have killed or taken these cats.

A press release was issued by Alley Cat Allies July 14 with more details. The majority of these cats have been found dead in a neighborhood near Home Avenue and South Street.

These deaths are intentional, and most of the cats killed or missing are stray or outdoor cats. The Morgan County Humane Society, which has an active TNR program, verifies, verifies the cats don't have the luxury of an indoor life.

The press release stated

“This is a disturbing and horrific case of animal cruelty, and we need to find whomever is responsible,” says Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies. “Intentionally killing a cat—pet, stray or feral—is against the law in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We are hopeful that authorities will take this seriously, and we offer our full support throughout the investigation.”

According to Alley Cat Allies statistics, at least 25% of Americans currently or have in the past fed a stray cat. There are more than 600 nonprofits with TNR programs, where millions of cat lovers care for outdoor cats on a daily basis.

To think someone is out there killing these cats, who already have a disadvantage being they're dependent on others for food, is unsettling.

If someone would torture and kill a cat, they'd likely do the same to a child or an adult. There's a close correlation to animal abuse and abuse toward others.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact crime stoppers at (317) 262–TIPS (8477).

Facebook: Morgan County Humane Society posted the following on their page back in June concerning the animal cruelty investigation

"This article also brought awareness to the cat abuse that has been going on in downtown Martinsville. If you have any information about this please see Detective Lawson at the Martinsville Police Department."

Please share this article with every cat lover you know. Especially those in the Martinsville, Indiana area. Those who torture and kill cats often brag about their deed to friends.

Unable to keep this crime secret will most likely lead to someone this person knows pocketing $5,000, and gettting this monster off the street.

More information on this press release can be obtained by contacting Johnny Simpson at or (240) 482-3895

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