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Alleviating boredom outside the box

Board games don't have to be boring.
Board games don't have to be boring.
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Alleviating boredom can be a problem when routine becomes monotonous. We humans migrate to order and routine like hippies migrated to San Francisco in the sixties and seventies. While some routine is healthy, breaking it up with fun activities is even healthier. Breaking a dull routine and alleviating some of the boredom in life doesn't have to be difficult. Here are some simple ways to jump start your life when it gets stalled in neutral.

Schedule fun into your day

A busy family often gets locked into a routine due to planning around their many activities. Boredom happens to busy people too. Sometimes spontaneity comes in second to repetitive routine schedules. If a schedule is a necessary part of life, it would be wise to schedule enjoyable activities, along with the necessary ones. Breaking the schedule altogether is another way of alleviating boredom. Go ahead, live a little.

Change things up.

Just because something was once enjoyable, doesn't mean it can't turn into a routine worth breaking. Even the most pleasant activities can become mind numbing monotony. Alleviating boredom may be as simple as switching from yoga to tai chi. Maybe your daughter choreographs outstanding cheerleader routines but would rather be running. Maybe your loving son is in the chess club but would enjoy a little sports on the side.

Dreaming, plotting and planning is fun too.

It's fun to plan and fantasize over breaking out of boredom to live the dream life. My daughter and I spent one whole summer planning a move to Hawaii. We researched the best places to be, learned the language and customs, watched videos of the breaking surf, looked into cost of living, bought the routine travel brochures and everything. We never did move. Still, we had a lot of fun alleviating our boredom with pipe dreams. I was so happy for my daughter when she went to Hawaii on vacation last year. Her trip was anything but routine.

Speaking of moving....

One of the best ways of breaking up a dull routine is with a long distance, or even a local move. I've personally moved back and forth across the country several times in my life. Moving is like an adventure. Being just a little unsure of what surroundings offer is OK. I know people who have lived in one city, county or state their entire lives. It may be a nice place to live but I feel a little sorry for them. Sure, it's secure, but what fun is that same old routine, year after year? Breaking ground in a new town can be fun. Get out there and experience a new place. Have fun with it.

Stop skipping your vacation.

What's up with those folks who've never even gone on a weekend trip or vacation to someplace new? Some people are so accustomed to their routine that they don't take a vacation at all. They just collect the extra pay. There's nothing wrong with liking a job as long as there's a life beyond it. Alleviating or breaking the dull routine in a new and exciting place is exhilarating. Explore the Great Sand Dunes, see the Grand Canyon or whatever suits you. This is a beautiful world. Go explore it. Life isn't all about soccer practice and routine dentist appointments. Breaking them is OK. You're here to live, darn it!

When board games become bored games....

Playing only one kind of game for a period of more than a week, is a dull routine. So, if lost without a clue of what video games are all about, give them a shot. If you are champion of all things gaming but have never tried monopoly or chess, (except on line) check out the board games. Breaking out of the same old game routine can be enlightening. Buddy up with that old man down the street who always wants to play checkers at the park. Find a unique way of breaking up or alleviating boredom. Share each others routine activities. Make them fun again.

Be unconventional.

Instead of the same old routine exercise class, take up salsa, breaking or belly dancing. The really adventurous can even take lessons in pole dancing now. Learn to play the ukulele, or how to blow glass without breaking it. Do anything unusual that strikes your fancy. Imagine the faces of the people at the quilting guild upon hearing you've taken up sky-diving or bungee jumping. Breaking the routine can be as thrilling as you can handle. Boredom is a state of mind.

Step up to the plate.

Your community needs help. The world needs help. Why sit with that look of boredom on your face, glued to the television set? Help someone less fortunate. Build houses for the less fortunate. Feed starving wildlife. Make a routine of working at a local soup kitchen. Teach the poor in a third world country. Dig wells. Plant trees. Teach routine life skills. Alleviate boredom by mentoring disadvantaged youth. Sponsor a limited income student by paying for their education. Set up a food bank. Take in a stray animal. Take in a stray person. Feel better about yourself and that routine boredom will disappear.

This article was previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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