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Allergy Season is more than just environmental

Birch tree allergen can cross react with over 19 foods and substances
Birch tree allergen can cross react with over 19 foods and substances
Food Allergy Gal

Many people don't know about cross reactive allergen syndromes. There are 50 million people in the United States documented to have allergy issues. What the majority of people don't know is that allergic reactions can be from:

  • Insect bites
  • Environment (animals, dust, mold)
  • Seasonal (pollen)
  • Foods
  • Drugs (medications)
  • Latex

There are over 700 deaths per year due to severe allergic reactions. Anaphylaxis shock is more prevalent in some allergies than others, but the scariest part is there are an enormous amount of people walking around that have never been educated about cross reactive syndrome.

Cross reactive allergen syndrome occurs when the proteins in one substance are similar to the proteins found in another substance. For example:

Fruit-Latex Syndrome: the association of latex allergy and allergy to plant-derived foods. Allergic reactions to latex can result in anaphylaxis shock, which can be deadly if not treated with an epinephrine medication within moments after the reaction begins. Fruits like kiwi, banana, mango, melon, papaya, avocado and stone fruits (cherries, apricots, nectarines, almonds, peaches, plums) can activate an allergic reaction in a person who has an allergy to latex but equally if a person has an allergy to one of those mentioned fruits they are much more likely to have an allergic reaction to latex.

Seasonal-Food Syndrome:(aka Oral Allergy Syndrome) the association of pollen allergy and allergy to plant-derived foods. Commonly a birch tree, grass ragweed, mugwort allergy (which is generally seasonal) results in having a higher likelihood of also reacting to foods when the allergies are at their worst or what we call (Allergy Season). One example of this is if someone has a birch allergy they will likely react to foods like carrot, celery, tomato, curry, kiwi, apple, and pear all year long but other foods like oranges, soy, aniseed, potato, mango, lychee, banana and stone fruits may only cause allergic reactions to be more severe at certain times of the year.

To learn more about cross reactive allergen syndrome, you can contact a board certified allergist and set up an appointment for testing or contact Food Allergy Gal to set up a tutorial class, coaching or read more on the website. Cross Reactive in non food allergies, or Cross Reactive in food allergies

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