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Allentown's trail network to link neighbors and neighborhoods

Greenways Incorporated and a local project team is preparing a study for the City of Allentown that will identify major opportunities and constraints of a trail network. The proposed trail network would link the city park system with bicycle and pedestrian trails originating from all neighborhoods, points of interest, and downtown.

Trail networks often follow natural land and water features and link parks, historic sites, cultural centers, and neighborhoods. A complete trail network is an alternative transportation system that can offer citizens an option to walk or bike between homes, workplaces, parks, historic sites, and downtown. Trail networks offer better opportunities for healthy, active lifestyles and the environmental benefits are obvious.

Trails and greenways reduce air pollution by protecting large swaths of plants and natural ecosystems that create oxygen and filter air pollutants. The open space associated with trails and greenways also protects natural floodplains along rivers and streams, helping to prevent damages and costs associated with flooding.

Trail networks are connections to our past, present, and future. They provide a sense of adventure in the journey, whether we take the trail to our nearest park or all the way across town. They provide a sense of place and an understanding of the natural beauty and interdependency surrounding us. They remind of who we are as people, as we pause to say hello to our neighbors or allow a fellow to pass. They reassure us that we need not always go hurtling through space to our next destination, that the pleasure can still be in the journey. They reconnect us to the earth, our families, neighbors, our neighborhoods and ourselves.