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Allentown introduces the next step in city's re-industrialization plan

On Thursday, Allentown revealed its undertaking for the second part of the city's Re-industrialization Strategy: a three step proposition that seeks to bring the industry of manufacturing and it higher paying jobs back to the area.

At the public meeting, where the plan was introduced, the city revealed its next step in the stratagem: Allentown intends to bring manufacturing back to an underused site.

The Little Lehigh Corridor Master Plan, which is basically a land use project, involves redeveloping an industrial section--which runs from the Lehigh River west along the Little Lehigh Creek and up to the 15th Street bridge--for brand new manufacturing opportunities.

This second phase of the strategy, announced by the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC), which is managing the plan, has over ten potential development opportunities that are in the works for the site.

The site includes the city's former incinerator plant and some of the property is located in a Keystone Opportunity Zone, which would offer tax incentives to any developer for construction on the site.

LVEDC reports an industrial vacancy rate of less than 5 percent for Lehigh and Northampton counties and believes the any new modernized manufacturing spaces will be snapped up quickly as reshoring is returning business back to America.

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