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Allen West: Tea Party needs focused leadership, marketing strategy

Allen West has some communications tips for the Tea Party.
Allen West has some communications tips for the Tea Party.
Allen West

With all the economic and health care uncertainty, along with the constant political division in the nation, one matter is certain to communications professionals. The right, for some unknown reason, rarely can mirror the left’s strategic marketing and public relations campaigns to promote successfully its causes and issues.

The democrats and liberals across the country frequently speak from the same talking points, albeit much of it is robotic. One example is the talking points used by the president, the secretary of state and others in the administration and in the U.S. Congress to address the Benghazi attack. This strategy, along with many other messages from the left, contained false or misleading information, inflammatory rhetoric and progressive political spin. With a mostly compliant mainstream media, the left is able to push its entire agenda onto all levels of society, with targets ranging from students in grade schools to low information voters, as it caters to anyone and everyone who wants to receive goods and services courtesy of big government.

For many years, republican and conservative elected officials have not been able to mount a similar comprehensive campaign to the masses that focuses on key audiences and key issues. The right's failure to clearly communicate its messages often has needed the support of vocal conservative columnists and talk radio hosts.

Allen West’s Recommendations

Former congressman and former military officer Allen West now has offered his recommendations to reverse this situation. It is the Tea Party, rather than the Republican Party, if all its segments can align, that West believes can provide the clear conservative voice of the citizenry.

Among West’s recommendations for the Tea Party:

  • Coalesce leadership to deliver a more unified strategic vision.
  • Develop a proactive communications program and marketing plan that highlights the fundamental principles of the Tea Party in contrast to the corruption that strangles Washington, DC. The Tea Party must battle the false statements of the left and it must push back against some within the GOP who attempt to define the movement as a gang of incompetent amateurs who do not have the capacity to govern or comprehend policy.
  • Focus on solutions. Communicate a positive agenda that champions the issues its followers support rather than constantly complaining about the issues its followers reject. “Be strategic and play chess,” wrote West in a recent post on his website, “not reactively playing checkers.”
  • Agreeing with economist and social theorist Thomas Sowell, West advised that the Tea Party must remain focused on its original goals rather than become preoccupied with fighting other Republicans. West wrote: “I like the military metaphor: stay away from the circular firing squad.”

West concluded that if America is to survive the disastrous direction of the current president and the onslaught of progressive socialism, the country will require a unified, strong and loyal opposition.

That opposition can be the Tea Party. If it can further organize and follow the basic rules of marketing and public relations strategy, the Tea Party will be capable of delivering clear and positive communication that champions innovative ideas to resolve the country's critical issues and deliver strong economic growth. It also can attract more independent and moderate voters by showcasing a clear delineation in principles between itself and those of the traditional GOP and the hard left.

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