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Allen West denounces Chuck Hagel as a "traitor" over proposed military cuts

Allen West
Allen West
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

During a February 25th, 2014 interview with the American Family Association's Sandy Rios, former Tea Party congressman Allen West denounced Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel as a "turncoat" and a "traitor to the men and women in uniform."

West's remarks came in response to proposed military budget cuts, which both the Obama administration and the Pentagon have been proposing for years, not just due to the massive size of the military budget and the much-discussed deficit, but due to the increased ineffectiveness of a massive military force.

West, on the other hand, would much prefer to peddle another incendiary conspiracy theory.

According to West, the Obama administration wants to intentionally harm military service members and their families because they are "not their constituency."

"Their constituency is basically the welfare nanny state," said West. "Their constituency are the people who they can get hooked on government largesse. Their constituency is the growing poverty class and also the growing food stamp class."

West also insisted that "American strength is stench to them" and renewed an old far-right favorite by complaining that Obama went around the world "apologizing for America's strength."

Yet in spite of complaining about a proposed military reduction, West later lashed out at "progressive socialists" for lifting the bans on gays and women in combat roles.

So apparently, West's problem isn't with the military supposedly not being Obama's constituency. It's that military service is now no longer reserved exclusively for the G.O.P.'s.

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