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Alleged speeder has multiple violations on record

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At some point or another, most drivers will be served with a speeding ticket. Sometimes, when you are in a rush to get someplace, you forget to monitor your speed, especially when you are driving in an emergency. While speeding is usually not justifiable, it is often just something that happens.

However, speeding is quite another thing when someone has multiple offenses on their driving record.

Recently, a Suffolk County man was arrested for several violations, including speeding. Upon investigation by police, it was found that the man had over 100 license suspensions on his record.

Cases like this are disturbing, not only for the person with this extraordinarily high amount of suspensions and violations, but also for other motorists on the road who may be placed in danger because of any reckless behavior on the roads.

Speed limits are in place to protect people, and simply driving fast for the sake of driving is not an acceptable behavior by our society's standards.

Driving in our society should be considered a privilege, and not a right. Those who continually abuse that privilege should not be allowed to continue driving.

How do you think driving offenses should be handled in the state?



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