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Alleged sex tape of Marilyn Monroe and JFK and RFK going to auction

Marilyn Monroe
Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

An alleged sex tape of Marilyn Monroe with JFK and Robert Kennedy is going to auction and this could sell for a lot of money. On March 1, reported that this tape is actually going to go up for sale. This will go up for auction on Tuesday.

Former bodyguard William Castleberry is the one who has the tape and nobody else has seen it yet. The bodyguard says that he had a lot of respect for Joe DiMaggio who was Marilyn's husband and that is what kept him from putting the tape out there. Now it won't be up to him if the world sees it because it is going to auction due to it being seized and he can't afford to pay to get it back.

This tape was seized after Castleberry was accused of selling a fake statue. He can't afford to get it out because it would cost $200,000 to get it. At this time, nobody has seen the sex tape of Marilyn Monroe, JFK, and RFK so it will be interesting to see it if really is what he says it is and how much it will sell for this week.

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