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Alleged crime at Keith Urban concert has Boston man facing rape charges

Terrifying crime alleged at Keith Urban concert
Terrifying crime alleged at Keith Urban concert
Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

In what is a very disturbing story out of Massachusetts, a young Boston man has been arrested for an alleged rape that happened during a Keith Urban concert. The 18 year old suspect was taken into custody after a 17 year old girl told another concert-goer that their sexual intercourse was not consensual.

According to a shocking report by Billboard on Wednesday, the man allegedly raped the girl on the lawn of the Xfinity Center on Saturday night while onlookers took cell phone video. Whether or not the man is found guilty of rape, that other fans would stand around taking video could be considered abhorrent.

On one hand, if it was indeed consensual–despite the location–most adults would agree that two teenagers don’t deserve to have that broadcast online. And, if it wasn’t consensual and no one did anything to help the girl or even question whether she was okay, the other concert-goers may feel some guilt of their own.

The Sun Chronicle originally reported that the incident occurred after the young woman met the man at the concert, was attracted to him enough to engage in kissing him, and then agreed to let him lead her away from her friends. She is said to have stated that she was afraid of what would happen if she didn’t go with him.

One has to ask, if she felt threatened or seemed wary in any way, why didn’t the friends intervene or search for her when she didn’t return? Then again, perhaps the girl didn’t verbalize her fears. It’s a disturbing case all the way around.

As some teenagers are known to make very poor judgements that, unfortunately, can come back to haunt them the rest of their lives now that the world is in a cell phone and internet age, it’s possible the girl realized what she’d done and was looking for a way out of the mess. However, if the girl was truly victimized, this is a very public, and thus all the more horrifying crime that deserves a swift and harsh punishment.

There are conflicting reports about the suspect. Some say he tried to get a reaction from the onlookers but a lawyer for the suspect insists the young man was completely cooperative with police. The Sun Chronicle reported that the suspect was seen crying after his arraignment.

As both the suspect and the teen girl were found to have been drinking during the Keith Urban concert, it seems that alcohol may have been a negative influence on one or both parties involved. This is bound to be a tough case for a judge to try, but hopefully the truth will come to light and either the young man will not have his reputation ruined for what was a one-time bad decision or the young girl will see justice served for enduring a terrifying and humiliating experience that will surely require some counseling to emotionally process.

There has been no comment by Keith Urban or his representatives, but that is to be expected during an ongoing investigation.

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