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All you need to know for Friday, March 14

Seeing double
Photo by Stanley Chou/Getty Images

There is a referendum this weekend in Crimea on whether or not to become part of Russia.
-voters who need a ride to the polling place can get a ride on a Russian tank. Visually impaired voters can also get assistance with ballots in Braille providing the choice of either “No to remain part of Ukraine” or “Yes to join Russia”.

A nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C call “Young Invincibles, announced a contest last week where it is awarding a cash prize of $1,200 to anyone who downloads their health care app or submits a card in the mail.
-participants who have been awarded cash for clunkers, an Obamaphone or recently emancipated from job lock are encouraged to enter.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he was “confused and frustrated” with the U.S. government’s behavior in the wake of yet another revelation about a secret data-collection program run by the NSA.
-the President told him that it’s mostly just data about what people you haven’t seen since high school had for lunch and by the way your wife just inboxed you saying she will pick you up at 4:00 instead of 4:30 today.

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors voted to ban bottled water from city property and events despite the fact that recycled water bottles currently go for $800 per ton.
-the decision was said to be formulated within 100% post supervisor waste, upside down world brains

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