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All You Grocery Challenge 2010: Update #3

This update covers two weeks of the All you Grocery challenge, both week 2 and 3.

Week two was a week that can be tricky for many grocery shoppers, as we were heading into July 4 weekend. I used to spend way too much money on food for holidays, as I would buy holiday food at the last minute, and I would buy way more than we needed on impulse.

I currently stock up on items when they are on sale and anticipate later need. Here in Bismarck, graduation weekend is over Memorial Day weekend. As a result, soda goes on good sale during this time. I stocked up back in May on sodas (we don't drink a lot of them, I am the worst offender), so that we would not have to buy them at the last minute over a holiday weekend. July 4 also offered some good soda deals, but I did not have enough wiggle room in the budget at the time to increase our stockpile. 

Leading into the holiday weekend, my son wanted to have a camp-out with several of his friends. Rather than purchase hotdogs and burgers etc. I chose to go shopping in my freezer for appropriate teen food. Remember last week when I picked up two pork roasts at Central Market for $4 each? Well, I popped them into my crockpot with some water, some salt and pepper and let them cook all day. Then I took a bottle of BBQ sauce from my pantry (bought when on sale for a ridiculously low price) shredded the pork and mixed with the sauce. I had buns in the freezer and we had delicious pulled pork sandwiches, and a lot of them, for under $10. I pulled some soad and chips from the pantry and we had a tasty teen meal!

I prepared for July 4 with an additional trip to Royse's Twin City Produce in Mandan for some corn on the cob, a watermelon and some additional vegetables. Royse's has the best watermelon in the area, hands down. Our July 4 feast was steak from the freezer, burgers from the freezer, tuna mac from the pantry, corn on the cob and watermelon. It was a simple, filling and cost effective meal!

Stay tuned for some final tips and tricks for cutting your grocery budget!


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