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All Trap Music talks about the evolution of trap music in an exclusive interview

All Trap Music, one of the first brands to offer trap music to its listeners, has released the second volume of its self-titled compilation which was released in March 2013. Showcasing some of the genre’s most influential artists and innovative tracks, the 33 track compilation reflects the merge between trap and electronic music this year. With its all-star cast that features tracks from: Major Lazer, Massappeals, Baauer, Buku, Diplo, and Disclosure, the album blurs the boundaries between hip-hop and electronic music with an exhilarating mix like never before.

All Trap Music releases its second self-titled compilation
All Trap Music

Being one of the first brands to champion the genre, UK-based All Trap Music has amassed over 270,000 subscribers and 29 million upload views in less than 18 months since the launch of its Youtube channel. In March 2013 they released an inaugural compilation with cuts from Baauer, Flosstradamus, Buku, Danny Brown, UZ and RL Grime, which has become the world’s bestselling trap album to date.

The massive impact trap has had on electronic music has been unparalleled, and NY EDM Examiner had the gracious opportunity to speak with Jim Kirk, founder of All Trap Music about upcoming 2014 projects and the future of trap music. Please check out the exclusive interview below, and don’t forget to purchase the label’s new release at the subsequent links.

All Trap Music Vol 2 - Out now!


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With All Trap Music being one of the first labels to feature the trap as a genre that infuses rap and electronic music, how were you first introduced to trap music? What is it about trap music that inspired you to create a record label that features the genre?

“We started the You-tube channel initially, and um I was actually hearing trap music. I heard like Flosstradamus’s ‘Original Dawn’ and like Baauer’s early stuff and I was looking online to find more to try and find more people and find more trap music and … There wasn’t really a place that just was doing what I wanted, what I was looking for so I started it. There was no big plan of turning it into what it is now. It just kind of happened.”

In comparison to the UK, do you think that trap music is more prevalent in the U.K. than the U.S. or vice versa?

“No, it’s definitely bigger in the US, much bigger in the US. There is a scene in the U.K. I mean trap stems from like the original style of trap from the 2000s is US music. This sort of electronic development, it makes sense that is big over here, that sound is very Americanized. There is a scene in the UK, but it’s just a much smaller scene.”

How would you describe All Trap Music and the sound that the label brings to its fans?

“I guess trap music is or the new-wave of trap, the electronic trap, obviously takes influences from actual trap music like the older style and then merging it from influences from dub-step all of the electronic genres I guess. I feel that you can hear a lot of influences within trap.”

When you’re trying to add artists or feature them on a record, what are some things you look for in an artist?

“We try as much as possible just to listen to their music. If it’s good, we put it out there if it’s not, we don’t. It’s just we like if we like the tracks, then we work with it. That’s kind of how we do it.”

Is there any advice you can give to upcoming artists trying or anybody that wants to breakthrough in the trap music scene?

“I’d say the most important thing is [to] try and find a new angle on this because there are a lot of people writing stuff that sounds exactly the same and I have to sit through so many demos that sound exactly like the one that I listened to before. It’s those tracks that stand out that catch my ear. That’s how you’re going to make a name for yourself. You need to bring something new to the table.”

I heard that there might be a big event in the works for New York City. Can you disclose any information to us about what might be in the works?

"I wish I could tell you more, but we’re in the early stages of sorting something out in New York. All I can say is [that] we definitely want to come over here and party with New York because it’s crazy over here."

Is there anyone that you haven’t worked with before that you would like to work with in the future?

“Umm..We’ve been looking really to feature music from pretty much everyone we want to, which is kind of cool. There is one artist who would never give us their music, but [um] I’m not going to tell you who that is. People can probably work it out.”

Do you want to disclose the person, or no?

"No, I’m not going to say any names, but I’m sure people can guess it."


Do you see any big name rap artists experimenting with trap, because I feel that there are definitely hip-hop influences?

“I mean it’s definitely happening. Ummm and that’s something… With anything now-a-days assume that there is an underground people doing things before the mainstream. The thing is with trap as well is that the other side of trap the Real trap sound which is still big just getting bigger now again with the rap thing. It’s just huge right now. There is a new interest in hip-hop and stuff in general. Trap ties into that or electronic trap ties into that and You can hear artists taking influence from the scene and also more artists working with records is happening definitely I hear it from a lot of the artists that they have stuff in the works with various rappers, and that’s what I want to hear more of because that’s what I really like.”

Do you think trap is the future of hip-hop?

“I mean it’s just like taking influences from all over like on Yeezus Kanye sampled some of the tonight stuff. I don’t think it’s the future of hip-hop, but I think that it’s going to influence it, like everything else does. Everything influences each other, and that just happens naturally I guess.”

With the new-year approaching, since it’s 2014 coming up, what goals do you have for the record label and is there any achievements you want to accomplish expanding wise or anything in particular?

“The main thing we want to do is the US tour. We’re really trying to make that happen at the moment. And there’s other things, we’ll do another album in 2014, and we’re um what else …we did our first live stream from Washington DC on Friday, and were going to try to do some more live streams. Yea, we’ve got some cool stuff coming up, and just more good music, and more of the same stuff.”

Where do you see trap-music in the next 5-10 years? How do you see it evolving?

“Who knows man like look where it was a year ago, and look where it is now. How can anyone say where it is going to be in 5 years. All I can say is that it will be interesting to see.”

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