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All 'Titanfall' map layouts leaked

'Titanfall' Map Layouts-slide0
FallenFusion, Respawn Entertainment

Another Titanfall image leak hit late Sunday night. While the first was a ground-level view of some of the unannounced maps and features, the newest leak features a top down look at the layout of all 15 maps to be delivered to the Xbox One and PC next week.

The map layout leak originated with Reddit user FallenFusion before his image album disappeared but was picked up by NeoGAF and rehosted at The fifteen maps show a diversity between environments including cities, rural areas, deserts, military bases, forests and water. Additionally, some maps are built around the idea of repulsor technology that is mean to keep out the local wildlife on the various planets.

The maps include Airbase, Angel City, Boneyard, Corporate, Colony, Demeter, Fracture, Lagoon, Outpost 207, Overlook, Relic, Rise, Smuggler's Cove and Training Ground. Angel City and Fracture were playable in the recent beta along with the Training Ground playable in the training portion of the game.

Some of the maps will feature heavy turrets which function as control points that can be turned against opposing Titans, Pilots and soldiers. Meanwhile other maps will feature zip lines that Pilots can use to traverse the map quickly in addition to using their jetpacks.

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