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All this bowling team does is win

From left, Josh, Nick, Jeanette and Mike form the "Beauty and the Beasts."
From left, Josh, Nick, Jeanette and Mike form the "Beauty and the Beasts."
Fred Eisenhammer

Their names are Jeanette Griffin, Josh Sanchez, Nick Alexander and Mike Rice.

They make up the “Beauty and the Beasts” bowling team in the “Guys and Dolls” fall league at AMF Woodlake Lanes in Woodland Hills.

They’ve been hot from Day 1 and perhaps represent a model for championship bowling league teams.

How good has this team been?

The foursome has won a stunning 70 percent of its games as the lengthy 36-week fall season enters its final two months. The team won the title of the first round, finished second in the second round and is fighting for the championship in the third and final round.

“They’re just a win machine,” noted veteran bowling expert Tom Martino.

What’s particularly impressive about this team is that two of its members – Sanchez and Alexander – are in their first full year of league action. That’s not the case of Rice, who has a mere 40 years (at last count!) of league experience behind him.

Sanchez has already boosted his average more than 20 pins since the start of the season. He’s averaging 170 – just eight pins behind Rice, the team’s anchor – and has crushed an 813 handicap series, the tops in the league.

So what makes this team so good?

All four of the bowlers were independently asked that question. Interestingly, their answers all seemed the same – they just used different words.

Said Jeanette: “We just support each other.”

Said Josh: “We pick each other up.”

Said Nick: “Chemistry. Winning is contagious and when we win once or twice, we want to continue to win.”

Said Mike: “We just mesh. When one of us is down, the others come up. We just make for a good team.”

Mesh, indeed!

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