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All things social media

As the Social Media Examiner I will be sharing with you all the different types of social media you can find online today and how you can use it as not only a social tool but a business tool. Social media is the biggest growing market on the internet today and has a lot to offer in many areas. It's an exciting new way for people to interact and to stay in touch not to mention an inexpensive way to communicate with people all over the world.

I will cover FaceBook, MySpace, Skype, Ning, Digg, Reddit, Flickr, YouTube, and so much more. There are many sites that have developed their own social networks to keep there consumers in touch and involved. Many musicians and rock bands have included social networks for their fans to interact. Social media is changing the way the world works not to mention changing within itself on a daily basis. The whole concept of social media is rather amazing and I'm looking forward to sharing with you every thing I know and since it is unfolding every day, every thing I learn as well.

My first subject will be on twitter. I'll share with you how to navigate through twitter and also report on trending topics, celebrity tweeters, twitter terms and how to get the most out of your 140 characters. I'll also cover the best apps for tweeting longer, posting URL's, and posting pictures. If your having trouble even understanding what I just wrote, no worries I'll cover that too!

Many of you may be old pros on this subject so feel free to add any of your knowledge on the subject to comments. If anyone has specific questions please feel free to ask. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my page.

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