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All there in black and white : Oklahoma City Mayoral Election 2014

All right there in b&w
dwinslow seal of OKC photoshopped

All there in black and white. Mick Cornett was pronounced winner of the Oklahoma City Mayoral Election around 8pm last night, with polls closing at 7 pm, rolling him to a 4th term as same.

The County Elections Board page for Oklahoma County references the results in breakout sections like 1.) early and 2.) absentee voting as well as 3.) live ballots cast at area polling places.

Runner up, Dr. Ed Shadid's Twitter page noted that OKC area residents hitting the polls on March 4th were not given the traditional "I Voted Today" stickers after casting ballots, which was unique if not a first.

Persons who cast early ballots were given these stickers which act as a notice of completion of civic duty, and reminder to others to cast ballots.

Shadid's position as the Ward 2 City Councilor will remain active and undiluted by this race.

The Oklahoma City Mayoral Election was marked by a recent quint of unusual things of note:

A.) The refusal of the sitting Mayor, Mick Cornett to debate challenging candidates.under a formal League of Women Voter's hostess or any other emerging hosts like Fairview Baptist Church and the Black Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma City, Northside Christian Church or various Neighborhood Associations at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Unique, if not a first nationwide.

B.) The absence of distribution of " I Voted Today" stickers, which could duplicate presence of voters at the polls. Unique if not a first.

C.) The presence of a legal petition circulating simultaneous with the OKC Mayoral Campaign 2014, calling for a public vote on the use of MAPS3 monies, and a pending bid on a Convention Center. Unique to OKC management of issues.

D.) A parallel televised candidate chat with a local television station, who was one candidate's prior first professional employer. Unique if not a first, nationwide.

E.) And that for 24 hours, Oklahoma City Twitter never top posted for OKC, Oklahoma or Oklahoma City Mayoral Election 2014, Voting or either candidate name. Nothing of any of these. Prior daily stats consistently show OKC, Oklahoma and other variations of same as daily top posters in trends, for days if not weeks. A first. Unique. Unheard of ?

OKC Mayoral Race 2014 events have caught the attentions of general citizens to political science professors to world news. There's surely more to come.

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