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All the single ladies: The perks of being single on Valentine's Day

Dreading not having a Valentine's Day date? Stop. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a drag. Think of it as a day you don't have to stress about gifts or a new dress-a day when you can have some fun with your girlfriends or spend some quality time with yourself. There are perks to not being tied down by the same boring traditions that all your coupled friends will be tied down to. This year make February 14th about you, and smile about these perks:

Single Ladies' Anthem

1. You don't have to find a Valentine's gift for your boyfriend. Ok, seriously, how hard is it to find something for him anyway? Not having to buy a gift for him will give you extra money to buy yourself some chocolates. Yum!

2. You can hang out with your single girlfriends. Get your girls together and go to the bar. The night will be filled with kissing couples and cheesy red and pink dresses, but there will also be other singles there, too. You can flirt all night without feeling guilty. Or you can…

3. Host a Valentine's Day party for singles. Invite all your girlfriends and their girlfriends over to watch chick flicks with wine and cheese. Your girlfriends will love you for it because they weren't going to do anything anyway. You can also get to…

4. Watch the Beyonce video "Put a ring on it" and learn the dance.   Beyonce's right, if he wanted it then he should've put a ring on it.  His loss. (Look over the fact that Beyonce's married to Jay-Z and sporting a fat ring).     

5. Take yourself to a spa. Just because you don't have a date for Valentine's Day doesn't mean you can't indulge in a spa or salon. Take some time out for you. You work hard during the week, so love you.

Think of it this way: Saint Valentine was beaten with clubs and stones for playing "Cupid" and marrying people. When that didn't kill him, he was beheaded. Who wants to spend money on that? Just sayin...

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