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All the single (and taken) ladies - listen up



  • Jeney 6 years ago

    You summed up my feelings on this PERFECTLY. Really. I have nothing to add.

    A goddess, you are. (Sorry... the CatholicJedi screen name got me going)

  • Kim - Royal Oak Nightlife 6 years ago

    You forgot the: We're not all crazy exhibit. No, I won't drive past your house. No, I won't rush things. No, really, I don't need a 20 minute speech on how great I am before you ask me out. And last but not least, No, I won't think you're interested if you're not. If you're not interested in me I have no reason to be interested in you.

    Aside from that, you always crack me up my dear! Keep em coming :)

  • shine 6 years ago

    Single also doesn't equal sad or lonely or pathetic. One of my "friends" actually didn't invite me to a PARTY because it was a "couples' party" and I had just gotten dumped. Seriously. Who has couples' parties any more?

  • auntkelli 6 years ago

    You know the fix up thing is because usually the married's are jealous that you are foot loose & fancy free, doncha?

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