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All the real Christians please stand up

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On Thursday I had a conversation about God with a 13-year-old girl. It all started when she saw me reading Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster and asked, “What are you reading?” I told her I was learning about God. To my surprise she replied, ''I need to do that.''

I turned my head and said, ''Download the YouVersion Bible app and read the teen devotions.'' I candidly explained,“If you want to have a better life, go on and read your Bible, and by this time next year God will do some amazing things in your life.” She nodding her head in agreement.

The next day, she told me she downloaded the app on her phone. ''Did you read the Word?'' I asked.

''No, not yet.''

''Make sure you read it. And write the Scriptures on index card and put them on your wall.''

Another student overheard our conversation and added, ''I try to apply what my church teaches but I can’t.''

I turned to her and said, '' Pray and ask God to help you to understand, and he will teach you. Only God can help you, not you by yourself.''

That was my conversation with the teenagers, but here is what I learned from reading chapter one of the book that started those conversations.

  • Superficiality is a huge problem in this world. People need to move from the surface, submerging into the things of God in order to have a profounder relationship with him (Psalm 42:7).
  • Real Christians can live ordinary lives. We don’t have to hide in the woods. We can be joyous, not depressed.
  • Christians are free from the sins listed in Galatians 5. God gives us a song, dance, shout, etc.
  • Christians should continuously desire more of God's presence (Psalm 42:1-2).
  • Willpower can never eliminate sin from our lives (Romans 3:9 and Matthew 12:34-36).
  • We must allow God to purge us. If not, our sins will embarrass us. Our lips will expose us, revealing the condition of our hearts. (Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, Luke 6:45).
  • God will give us the grace to live righteously. If we continue to feed our spirits, God will change us.
  • Stay on God's path and you won't become a slave to sin (Galatians 5).
  • If we obey God's Word, he will change us. Private worship will produce change, not outward show (trying to impress others).
  • Don't attempt to change or control others. Pray for them and allow God to change others in his own time.


Our Father, we praise your name today! You are our Dad, our peace, our joy, our righteousness, our strength, our patience...Our everything. Help us to live authentic lives that glorify you. Forgive us for choosing to be superficial just to impress others and as a result displeasing you and hurting ourselves. Lord, help us to take our eyes from off ourselves and others and keep our attention on you. Help us to be honest, so we don’t end up being superficial. Father, we accept your grace and mercy. We can do all things because you give us strength. Thank you for cleansing us with the Blood of your Son Jesus. Amen.

Latest Christian novel by Stacy-Ann Facey, Bad Blood in Me

Previous article: When you don't feel good enough