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All the Buzz about Beekeeping Classes in DFW

Hands-on honey on the comb.
RJ Reiser

Worries swarm about honey bee populations. Hives disappear, bees die, flowers don't get pollenated. Fear not, there are ways to help local bee populations and DFW ecology as well. With healthy bee populations, Dallas will also be healthier. The richness of local natural attractions like the Arboretum, Texas Discovery Gardens and even our own untamed prairies would not be the same without then. The more we support our beekeepers the longer we will continue to have fresh honey available at Farmer's Market and through beekeepers themselves, supporting the local economy and ecology at the same time.

Round Rock Honey Company hosts beekeeping classes in the DFW area at 1191 Copper Hill Circle in Copper Canyon, TX, taught by Konrad Bouffard, owner of Round Rock Honey for $125 or $39 coupons can be found on Groupon. The class promotes the usefulness of bees, how to put together a bee habitat and how to take care of bees. The first hour and a half of class is instruction on putting together your hive, terminology, and how to introduce a queen. The second half of the class is hands-on beekeeping including how to safely remove frames of the hive, recognizing bee behavior and even witnessing brooding in action.

For more information, upcoming class dates, or to make a reservation, contact Sherry at

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