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All that glitters

Glitter on lips with hot pink tinted gloss and liner.
Glitter on lips with hot pink tinted gloss and liner.
Conklin Beauty MUA

One thing about the holiday season everyone notices other than the wonderful scents, baked goods, and flashing lights is the glitz and glam at the makeup counters.

Each year makeup companies bring out holiday colors, packaging, and lots of glitter! Of course the colored glitter looks amazing in the packaging and the colors are often remarkable; however once you get your new cosmetics home you put the metallic colors on your eyes and realize that unless your going out drag or on stage the effects can be way too dramatic. Now I'm not saying every drag queen should wear glitter, after all a good Marilyn Monroe act wouldn't be so hot with teal glitter all over the queens lids and lets face it "some like it hot".

Now lets get to business, one of the most popular glitter products of this season are glitter liquid eyeliners. For light colors like gold or silver you may able to get away with putting a thin line of the liquid liner by itself with a bit of mascara but for more bold colors such as violet, teal, lime, pink, and orange you may want to try a base pencil liner right on your lash line; for blonds I would recommend a dark brown, for brunettes I would recommend black ,and for red heads I would recommend a meduim warm brown (remember with the exception of M.A.C warm colors are red based and cool colors are blue based for makeup). after putting your base liner one using the brush included with your glitter liner swipe a light coat on top of your base line and finish with mascara (for a little extra fun you can add a colored mascara instead of mass amounts of unnecessary glitter).

Other ways to use glitter this season are on your lips and in your hair. After applying a clear or lightly tinted lip gloss or a lipstick that matches your glitter use your middle finger and dab glitter in the center of your bottom lip too attract light to the center of your lip which will in fact make them appear larger and fuller by the highlighting effect from the glitter; if you are wearing a very subtle eye makeup and want to have fun with your lips you can apply lip gloss or lipstick and apply glitter all over your lips for a night out. When all is said and done you can add some funk to your look by spraying hairspray on your finished do and sprinkling glitter lightly through it or using a dry hair and body glitter spray.