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All Susan Ruth ever wanted was everything

The name of Susan’s brand new CD release is, “All I Ever Wanted Was Everything.” This is a great CD. I have listened to it and I love it. It is so different and really takes you for a ride. I sat down to talk to Susan the other day about her writing with and for other people, living in Nashville and her CD release. Check it out:

Susan Ruth and her new CD!
Susan Ruth and her new CD!
2014 Susan Ruth
Susan playing flute
2014 Susan Ruth

Q Let’s start at the beginning. I see you live in Nashville right?

A I do, yes.

Q Okay, but you weren’t born here right?

A No, I was born and raised in Seattle.

Q Wow, so you’ve come a long way?

A Yeah, almost 2000 miles.

Q How long have you been here?

A About 8 years.

Q Okay. I see that you go back and forth a lot? Do you still have family back there?

A Oh yeah, in fact this week I was at my brother’s wedding so I try to go back a couple of times a year for sure. I do shows and what not so.

Q Are you there right now?

A I am. I am in Seattle and my brother got married yesterday and I actually officiated the wedding.

Q Seriously?

A Yeah. I have had a few sets of friends ask me to do their weddings so my brother asked me to do it for his wedding.

Q Are you just licensed to do that in Seattle?

A In any state actually.

Q Okay, I see an additional career here for you. This might even be your first promo for it.


Q That’s so funny, you have done it 3 times and maybe you will do it again.

A Maybe, so far I am 3 for 3. Everyone is still happy and still married.

Q How special is that to have married your brother? Wow, that sounds weird.

A It does.


A It was great and I love my new sister.

Q I know you have released other CD’s in the past so which number CD is this for you?

A This is my 4th. I have been busy writing for other people so this is the first one that I have put out for myself in ten years. I made the record for film and TV and that type of thing but I also wanted an album that is really cohesive and storytelling because that is the kind of music I really like. I love making albums. It is one of my most favorite things to do.

Q How long did it take to make the record?

A It took a year and a half with trying to get the scheduling to align and raising the money.

Q Yeah, it can be difficult.

A Yes it can.

Q Tell me who is the guy who takes off the glasses in that promo video?

A That is my best friend David Myhre. He is also a co-writer on, “Take Me Home,” which is the 3rd track I believe. He is great. He is a fabulous guitar player, a great writer and just a hilarious guy. I told him, I am going to make this video and you are going to be in it. He is also an actor and a model so he jumped at the chance. It was just a fun silly video, you know?

Q You can tell he has got those abilities because he is good looking and he took off the glasses and it was like Clark Kent turning into Superman.

A Yeah, absolutely.

Q That is the feel I got. I was like man, he should be the next superman, you know?

A Did you watch the outtakes from that video shoot? They are hilarious.

Q That is another point I want to bring up, you are very innovative and creative in much more than just songwriting. I get that vibe from you. What else are you doing?

A I am a painter and I am working on a screen play. My mind is always going so I am always having to feed that part of me. I believe we as humans are capable of doing many things really well. Why limit yourself? All the things I do feed into one another but there is not just one thing that keeps me creative, it is all of the things.

Q Right, they are all connected.

A Absolutely.

We talked about songwriters, songwriter rounds at the Bluebird for which Susan has done many and her CD release parties. She had one in Seattle when she was there at the time this interview was recorded. She has another CD Release Party scheduled in Nashville on July 23, 2014 at Alegria Tequila Bar, 202 Richard Jones Rd in Green Hills, Tennessee. Ruth’s listening party begins at 7:30 p.m. Visit Susan Ruth on the internet. Like her page on Facebook and take a click on over to order the CD on iTunes!

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