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All Sides Continuing to Work Toward Peace

Even though John Kerry's peace talks were said to have failed, all parties involved still remain hopeful, showing signs of progress and change, continuing to take steps toward peace.

In fact John Kerry who has worked so hard on this peace deal, is not so willing to just throw it all away. He recently said in a speech while visiting in Ethiopia on Thursday, that he would pause and reassess what might be possible after failing to meet his April 29th goal for an Israeli Palestinian peace deal, saying both sides still want to negotiate. The other players in the peace deal are reaching out as well, in an effort to get the process going again.

Netanyahu remains hopeful and is beginning to explore options if Hamas Fatah deal falls through. Ever since Abbas signed a deal with Hamas, they have called the Palestinian leader a liar in that they never said they would recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Since Abbas is so adamant on peace with Israel, this is putting a rift between the newly formed Hamas Fatah government which could make the newly formed pact fall apart. If Abbas goes back on this pact, it will go a long way in creating a considerable amount of trust between Netanyuhu and Abbas, making the signing of the Israeli Palestinian peace deal all that more probable. Not only is it likely now that this new alliance will fall apart, but Abbas has stepped up showing Israel and the world how serious he is about peace.

Just recently the Palestinians signed five international human rights treaties. The treaties are designed to ban torture and racial discrimination. They also promote women and children's rights and the rights for the disabled. The UN says this is a significant step towards enhancing the promotion and protection of human rights in Palestine. Later this week they are expected to join a treaty which protects children in combat zones. Also they are expected to ratify two treaties involving civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.

But the move against racism may even be all that more important when it comes to making peace with Israel. If Abbas wants to make steps toward banning racism, this would in fact have to include Israel and their right to exist as a Jewish state, furthering the idea that this human rights agenda is designed to create peace with all people. This makes it even that more probable that a two state solution and peace with Israel will be able to move forward that much more effortlessly.

The dream of peace is still alive and making tremendous progress as all players are stepping up. It seems that this little set back of the deal not being reached by John Kerry's deadline may in fact, have inadvertently caused the deal to move forward, even though the date and time of its signing could catch many by surprise.

Once the peace treaty is signed between the Palestinians and Israel, the Land will be divided. This will cause the wrath of God to come down upon the world and the tribulation hour will begin. It will be a time unlike any other time ever seen before on the face of the earth. The Bible describes it as nuclear destruction. But Jesus promised to save those from the hour of trial, who ask for forgiveness and make the decision to turn away from their sins.

Ask Jesus into your heart, to forgive you of your sins today as the start of the tribulation may remain unknown. We do not know what day and hour He is coming. Don't be left behind, get your heart ready for Jesus today.

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