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All real women upload your photo to appear in national Dove ad campaign

Women across the world are getting a feeling of excitement after uploading their photo, and appearing in a national "Show Us Your Skin" ad campain sponsored by Dove. You too can join in on the fun. All that is required is confidence!

Real women in Dove ads

The campaign was launched to celebrate all the Dove body washes and beauty bars that leaves women of all ethnic backgrounds and their skin feeling soft and smooth. The company have been featuring real women in their ads for the past 50 years, but for the first time ever, they are inviting women everywhere to simply upload a photo to appear in the new ads.

The ads are currently being shown online, and on a dynamic billboard in the world-renowned Times Square in NYC. So, if you enjoy being in the spotlight, here's your chance to shine.

The campaign has already kicked off in a big way on a billboard display in the heart of New York City’s world-famous Times Square. You can see a live webcam of the billboard in action here.

For more information, and to participate, visit or