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All prepper family members need to be in shape

Walking is an exercise that can improve the health of people of all ages.
Walking is an exercise that can improve the health of people of all ages.
Dan Vale

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. As with a chain, preppers’ family members who are not in shape can compromise the family’s ability to respond well to a disaster such as a power blackout.

Some examples will help to illustrate the importance of all family members being in shape. During a disaster such as a power blackout, for example, elevators will not be operating, and families living on upper floors of apartments will have to climb stairs when they return to their apartments. Also, if gas stations have no electricity to pump gas, people, without the use of their cars, will have to walk to where they they were able to drive before the power blackout occurred.

Trying to get their family members in shape by acting like drill sergeants probably will not be the best approach for preppers to take. Instead, trying to interest them in well chosen sports can not only get them into shape, but also can help preppers to bond with their family members. Preppers might need to use trial and error to find each family member’s favorite sport. Then, preppers need to make sure that their family members have any equipment and memberships they need for those sports.

Examples of sports that can improve the cardio-respiratory fitness of family members and help to bond family members together include:

  1. Bicycling together.
  2. Jogging together.
  3. Walking or hiking together.
  4. Swimming together.
  5. Playing badminton or tennis together.
  6. Playing handball or racquetball together.
  7. Ice skating or rollerblading together.
  8. Playing golf, without the cart, together.
  9. Dancing together.

Some family members, however, might prefer to do some of the above activities alone. Introverts, for example, need to spend time more alone than is the case with extroverts.

Exercise is not the only way to keep in shape. Diet also is important. Preppers should try to find out what types of healthy foods their family members like and make sure that such foods are immediately available to their family members.

For example, having their family members’ favorite fruits readily available might cut down on their family members’ consumption of sweets between meals. Thus, when fruits such grapes are easily available, prepper’s family members might eat less candy.

How physically fit are your family members? What have you done to get them into shape before the next disaster? Please comment below.

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