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All in one cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are not what they used to be. If you listen to tales of your grandmother or watch an old black and white movie you may see someone folding big pieces of cloth into just the right shape and then fastening it on the baby with diaper pins. While these types of cloth diapers still exist they are not the norm.

All in one cloth diapers are essentially cloth diapers that come in one piece like disposable diapers do. Cloth diapers are no longer limited to large pieces of cloth, but now come in versions that are as easy to use as a disposable. As with disposable diapers there are different brands of cloth diapers.

One popular version of the all in one cloth diaper is the Bumkins brand. Bumkins all in one diapers feature a soft waterproof outer and a flannel interior. They are known for their trimness and their cute and bold prints. They fasten with strong Velcro-like material. They offer modern prints, bold prints, as well as plain white.

Another popular version of the all in one diaper is BumGenius all in one cloth diapers. BumGenius is a one piece diaper that comes with a soft waterproof outer, an inner material of absorbent microterry, and suedecloth material next to your baby’s skin to help your baby feel dry. It also comes with stretchy tabs similar to what you would find in a disposable, yet it fastens with Velcro-like material. If you need extra absorbency for nighttime or naptime you can lift up a little flap at the back of the diaper to add some more absorbent material like a prefold or an insert. They come in a variety of colors and plain white.

Sposoeasy is another great all in one diaper brand. The Sposoeasy comes in several different varieties. All versions feature the same soft waterproof outer material and an inner doubler that is attached on one end to allow quicker drying. One version comes with snap closures and has inner material made out of cotton flannel. Another version comes with Velcro-like closures and has an inner material made out of cotton flannel. The third version comes with snap closures and an inner material made of hemp. Hemp is an absorbent fabric and is an excellent choice for heavy wetters. Sposoeasy diapers come in a variety of colors and plain white.

Whichever version you choose you will find all in one cloth diapers to be nothing like the cloth diapers of old. They are easy to use and they come in cute and fashionable colors and prints. You can visit Thanks Mama to see a wide variety of all in one cloth diapers.





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