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All of the Surviving Six are Home Now

Lope at home in his makeshift oxygen chamber
Lope at home in his makeshift oxygen chamber
Birdline Canada Ltd.

For many parrot owners, the screaming of their feathered companions makes them want to pull their hair out. For the director of Birdline, however, the silence is deafening. After losing 27 birds in a house fire on March 15, Anna says, "The silence without them is completely heartbreaking.

With the rescue seemingly in ruins, the avian community rallied together to support the Survivng Six. Anna said that within 24 hours, support on FaceBook and in her e-mails came from the UK, the US, Korea, and even Holland. Bird lovers wrapped the rescue in their thoughts and prayers to support them and the birds that miraculously made it out alive.

All six birds, along with their cat and dog, are safe at home, but it was not an easy task. Anna says that an Amazon named Lope, who is their oldest resident, almost didn't make it. Lope already had a heart condition, and closing in on being 70 years old did nothing but assist complications.

After being rescued from the fire, Lope and five other birds were rushed to the emergency veterinary clinic. Being in worse shape, Lope was placed in an oxygen chamber. Within 20 minutes, Mantra, another of the birds, sped downhill quickly. The vet's office only had one oxygen chamber, so they moved to another clinic to allow both birds to receive oxygen treatment.

Mantra recovered well enough to go home within a couple of days. Lope, however, was not responding to treatment as well. When his oxygen was decreased, he had trouble breathing still and had to stay in veterinary care. He refused to eat or drink and had to be tube fed. On March 20, Lope began to show signs of improvement.
Still needing oxygen, Anna and her husband rigged together an oxygen chamber for him to recover at home and on March 21, he left the vet's office, able to eat and drink and see the family he knew well.

While all of this was going on, fundraisers and auctions were held in support of Birdline. Together, Anna says over $7k was raised. Even after announcing that the vet and the insurance would cover the costs, donations poured in. This will help the rescue to be up and running soon, hopefully. Birdline is the only registered charitable parrot rescue in Alberta, Canada, and these birds need their help.

As for how Lope and Mantra are doing now? Anna says they are doing amazing. Mantra is still sneezing a lot and is more calm than she was before the fire, but she says, "It will take a few weeks before their health allows them to feel better."

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