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All new U.S. cars required to have back-up cameras by 2018

Coming soon to a car near you, back-up camera technology!
Coming soon to a car near you, back-up camera technology!
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A new rule from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is going to make some newer technology standard issue in a few years' time. The NHTSA is requiring that all new standard consumer automobiles to have a back-up camera factory installed by May of 2018.

This change has been years in the making, but the announcement was finally made on March 31, 2014. Auto safety advocacy groups have been petitioning for this change for a few years, and they are glad to see the change finally being made.

CNN Money reports that there have been over 200 back up deaths every year, and this new rule will drastically cut down on that number. It is estimated that the camera integration will add approximately $140 to the cost of a new vehicle.

Used vehicles, and those that were produced prior to the change, will not be required to have the technology installed as they will be grandfathered in to the program and exempt from the rule. However, back-up cameras have been becoming more common over the last few years, meaning that this trend would have continued with or without new safety rules.

This change seems like it will positively impact driver and pedestrian safety. Although an adjustment period will be needed for some drivers, this technology will no doubt make some of the trickier maneuvers of driving easier for new and experienced drivers alike. Hopefully automobile manufacturers will be able to implement this new technology cheaply over time, to avoid passing the cost on to consumers.