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All Natural ways to relieve stress

Stress Much?
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Everyone experiences some kind of stress on a daily basis. We feel it emotionally and physically.

Stress does not have to be a bad thing but we have to decide what to do with it and how to take that energy and diffuse it into something better.

Here are a few ideas on finding healthy ways to handle stress.

  • Exercise. Maybe it's yoga, pilates, running, walking, biking, tai chi, or weight lifting. Exercise releases healthy endorphins while boosting your immune system. Long term stress can be detrimental to your physical body and cause dis-ease.
  • B Vitamins help support a healthy nervous system as well as help us deal with stress.
  • Cut back on caffine. If you are already tense or anxious, consuming caffeine is only going to emphasize your reaction to stress, not to mention disrupt healthy sleeping patterns.
  • Speaking of sleep--a good night's rest greatly contributes to your bodies' response to stressful situations by keeping a strong immune system.
  • Meditate. Even ten minutes each day can produce benefits. Take this time to remove yourself from the stress in your life. Know that it will all work out as it is supposed to.
  • Deep Breathing. Taking short breaths does not allow your body or lungs to completely fill with oxygen. Tension builds up in your body and produces hormones that work against you. Slow, deep breathing allows your body to relax and promote your parasympathetic response.
  • Get a massage. Massage also encourages a parasympathetic response--to rest and digest. Often, it helps to just get away from it all. Taking care of your body is important for good health. Massage can also help relieve any tension or headaches you may get from being stressed.
  • Positive thoughts. We are all guilty of dramatizing stress with our internal conversations and negative chatter. Whenever you start to think a negative thought-stop and realize this and turn it into a positive remark. Positive affirmations or memorization can be especially beneficial to change your outlook.


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